Cal Williams Jr is the Director of Blues and Roots for the ‘Adelaide Guitar Festival’s Winter School’ program working alongside Australia’s finest classical guitarists, Slava and Leonard Grigoryan and the highly acclaimed Queensland composer Dr Paul Svodoba. Cal also performs for the Adelaide Festival Centre’s ‘Resonance’ program to bring music into hospitals and community centres. Cal will return to his musical director role for the upcoming ‘Winter School’ program commencing in July 2021.

Cal Williams Jr is a fully-accredited workshop facilitator through Arts SA and the multi-cultural music organisation, Nexus, where he received personal training in conducting music workshops by London-based virtuoso violinist Julian Ferraretto. Cal was selected for this exclusive training course by Arts SA on the strength of his reputation as a world-class music educator.

Cal is a highly-respected and accomplished musician who has dedicated his long and distinguished music career to teaching people the joy of making music. Cal is looking forward to continuing his teaching work in the community and through school music programs such as his recent work with the music department at Immanuel College and St. Michael’s College.